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Well, I finally started taking over classes after the first month of being in my student teaching placement. I wanted to take them over before this but due to exams the students were reviewing for a week then had exams last week. But anyway have my first two classes now, fifth hour and sixth hour. I decided to take over these two hours because this offered me the opportunity to start with algebra I class and a geometry class. That way as I take over the other classes, I do not have to prep any extra. I already have them done. I should have all hours taken over in the next 2 weeks. Taken over another hour after every quiz/test that is given for the smoothest transition between my C.T. teaching and myself. I cannot wait to have my full load! I am very excited about it.

I have run into a few issues that I know are going to be a problem though. Most of them are coming out of sixth hour. These students are just not wanting to put in the effort that is needed for an algebra I class. They are freshman and after last semester’s exam, the good majority of them were below a B for their semester grades. My C.T. has been trying to get these students more engaged while she was teaching the class and said that it was a struggle for her as well. All of the other hours respond well to the lesson and the way that they are being presented except for this hour. An example is the use of individual white boards for the students to do their work on and be able to erase a simple mistake without having to waste paper. The other four hours love these and use them exceptionally well. Sixth hour just disengages and draws pictures the entire time. Even with me going over to the students drawing and asking them to stop drawing or put their white boards away, they still continue to draw and end up being told to put their whiteboards away and work on paper.

It appears that I am going to have to take a different approach to this hour than the other hours. My classroom management is going to have to tighten up and I am not going to be able to allow as much talking and discussion that I normally welcome into my classroom. I do not want to force students to do the work in my class, as I feel this needs to be something they decide to do on their own. I assign homework and make them responsible for it but they still do not work on it or put in the effort that is wanted out of them.

I plan on having a little heart to heart with this hour today and explaining to them that this is the year that starts counting, they still have a chance to bring up their g.p.a. In middle school, grades were not really important, and to me they still are not important, but to the rest of the world (principal, school district, colleges, trade schools, etc…) they are very important. I want all of my students to do well in my class. I will supply them with all the needed knowledge that they will need to do well in my class and in the future. But it has to be their decision to use this to their advantage. I am not for sure what to do besides that with them; it is a hard road to go down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated it.

On a better note, I am excited for geometry tomorrow. I created a fun filled triangle similarity wiki on geogebra ( I am interested to see how the students respond to this and if it really does help them with triangle similarity. I have fallen in love with geogebra though for both my algebra and geometry classes. I am trying to incorporate it as often as I can. Especially in algebra for those students that do not have a graphing calculator. It is a great resource and all students should learn the benefits of it.

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  1. I’m glad you want to dialogue with the sixth graders, and sharing that now is different is important. But for many, grades won’t be a motivator. Why should they care about the content? About what you’re asking them to learn?

  2. They are 9th and 10th graders, and I know grades won’t be a motivator for most, but for some of them it will. I have been trying to connect the content back to applications of the content since for algebra 1 there are a lot of applications to real life.

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